Social Media and Body Image

A recent study in the UK examined the relationship between time spent on social media and body image concerns in 100 women. The researchers asked the participants how long they spend each day on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and gave them three body-image measures.

The result? The more time spent on social media, the greater the body image issues. The effect was greatest in those that spent an hour or more browsing.

According to the author, Martin Graff: “We were able to show that spending more time each day on those social networking sites that are often used to post images of oneself, and for comparison with others, is linked to having an unhealthy relationships both with body image and potentially exercise as well.”

Social media use has been linked to other issues as well, such as depression. The problems may be greater in younger people- who knows how hours of screen time and social media use affects developing minds?

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