Omega-3s for Anxiety?

There has been debate about the effectiveness of using omega-3 supplements (such as fish oil) for reducing anxiety. Some studies have found positive results, but most have not.

A recent review of those studies as discussed in the New York Times sheds new light on the topic. The results? It might help some, with some limitations:

  • It mainly helped persons over the age of 18.

  • It was primarily helpful in those whose anxiety was severe enough to diagnose them with an anxiety disorder.

  • It required large doses: 2000mg a day or more.

  • It worked better if the supplement was 40% DHA or higher. Many supplements have less than that.

So, if you’re struggling with anxiety, give fish oil a try. To get 2000mg, it makes more sense to try a liquid rather than gel caps, and you should make sure to select a high DHA blend such as this.